Friday, August 01, 2008

Hilarious Familiy Guy Clip

So I came upon this family guy clip, and I had to share it. Funniest thing ever, I laughed so hard when I saw this.

Philosophy of Education

I believe that every child deserves an equal chance at getting a quality education. A quality education is one where the child's school is in good condition and is a safe place for them to spend their day. It is where both the teacher and the parents are involved. A quality education is one that a child can apply to his/her own life or community to improve it in whatever capacity possible. I believe that every child deserves this equal chance at getting a quality education because its the foundation for democracy, with every child that is going to be become an engaged citizen grounded in their quality education.

I believe that technology is crucial to the foundation of developing this educated, "civically" engaged student. Modern technology is a great tool to spread ideas relatively unrestricted within free speech. It is the "great equalizer" because with every student having equal access to technology, and a teacher that teaches them how to use it, they have nearly unlimited potential in their hands.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My first blog (kind of, not really)

So this is my first blog post ever...


It really is...

What, you think I'm lying?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

So I haven't made a post in a while. Quick update.

I've been working too much lately, at least by any sane standards for what CY volunteers are "paid". And its starting to take its toll, I'm very tired and trying all sorts of things not to be down. I'm doing ok for now. For example, got back from work today at around 9:15, and sat out on my front porch with a beer, my guitar, and no shoes. Sat out there until now and just relaxed with my music (or attempts) and now sitting inside my room with a stick of incense burning and some Eddie Vedder. So I have figured out how to chill.

I'm having a really hard time balancing all my social relationships, I spend over 12 hours a day with people non stop and I get home and just dont want to talk to anybody. I need this time for myself and for my brain to unwind and to process everything that has happened during the day. And then I end up only getting six hours of sleep at night, and then weekends have so many obligations that I want to pull my hair out.

Too all of you that I have neglected in the last two weeks, please forgive me. I hope you understand what is going on right now, and that the next three to four weeks will be pretty crazy for me. I will try to keep up with you all but I just need a little more time.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Wow, so today is January 7, the heart of winter in Illinois. The temperature was 65 F and there were thunderstorms, big ol' honkin thunderstorms! I was walking home from my bus stop today in the rain and it was so nice. The rain was incredible and felt so warm on my face, it was the most refreshing thing I've felt in a long time. The sky was flashing bright with the lightning and giving me just the slightest hint of spring, but I know it won't last. Its like a beautiful girl that you flirt with for one night and then don't see again. Although I guess I will see spring again =P

Here's a delicious egg recipe I will share. Just mix all the ingredients together to make the most delicious scrambled eggs.

2 eggs
1 clove mashed garlic
1 piece mashed ginger
bit of lemon zest
chopped handful of basil leaves
one finely chopped green onion
splash of milk
fresh ground black pepper
salt to taste

Mmmmmm, eat with some buttered toast and you will be in breakfast (or lunch) heaven.

Or even for dinner....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm back?

Well I thought I'd make a post on the blog, its been way too long. Maybe somebody will read this :)

So I was watching the debates last night, and was actually pretty impressed with the Democratic candidates for the most part. I've been pretty cynical about the whole process for many reasons that leave me very frustrated, but last night there was a lot of talk about change. In fact, the word "change" was used a lot. And yet, I felt like this talk was genuine and passionate. I really hope I am right and that these candidates truly believe in the rhetoric that they are saying. Rhetoric about working to improve the environment, saving the middle class, useful health care, moving towards renewable energy, and many more. They've let me down before, I really want to believe that their intentions are good this time.

One thing that really stuck with me last night was the talk that Bill Richardson was making about "sacrifice". He said that its time that Americans start making sacrifices in their lives for the better good of the country and its people. We are such a consumer society where unnecessary wants have somehow become needs. Unfortunately this means that we use more and consume more than our economy and environment can support, yet we still demand all these things. What if Americans had a president that inspired them to use less gas? To use less electricity? To eat less meat? To donate more of their time and money to community service and charity? To sacrifice they comfortable lifestyles they have now? I would be inspired, and in my opinion many would be as well.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

End of my weekend

Well, its the end of my five day weekend. I really, really needed this time off. I'm not really sure why, but last week really tired me out. Maybe I hadn't fully recovered yet from the crazy last month and all the stuff leading up to and including peacefest. And I do feel a little guilty saying that the kids really wore me out, meh, oh well. I think I knew that I hit my limit and that this would be a good recharge.

Yesterday was fantastic, a nearly perfect day. I woke up early to catch a metra train to the Chicago Botanic Garden's on the north side. The weather was perfect, there was even some good cloud cover to keep it nice and cool. The gardens are beautiful! I think it might be one of my new favorite places in the area, and I only saw about half of it even though I was there for over three hours. I really got a kick out of the fruit and vegetable garden that they had, it was on a four acre island and very well designed. Gave me a lot of inspiration should I garden next year.

After that I went with Mike to a Russian grocery where we got some fantastic food to dine on. We got a loaf of heavy dark rye bread, pickled herring, black sausage, and ate it with good cheese and mustard. To finish it, we had some gin that he has, which I didn't like at first but I'm starting to like it more and more. When I drink it, it smells like a juniper bush. Very fun. AND to top it off, the "Mighty" Ducks won game one of the Stanley Cup Finals, which I was very happy about.

I want to write another little story. I had a lot of fun writing the one about the kid on his bike, but haven't found inspiration yet for what to write about next. Maybe I should just start typing and whatever comes out of my fingertips will be it. I am reading a book right now that must have been made for me, in fact I'm convinced it was. It is a collection of short stories from a farmer in Vermont. How cool is that!

Right now as I type this, there is a grown man in my apartment looking at Josh's futon, he's going to buy it for his adopted son. He has two adopted children with a third one on the way. Very respectable and admirable.

I'm icing my thumb right now, burned it real bad making a batch of fried rice tonight.

Peace all.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Funny how this works, my mind has been full or stuff for the last "long time" or so, and I wanted to put some of it down on my blog. Its 12:59 a.m. and day two of a five day weekend. And for the life of me I can't think of anything to put down, I just emptied out my brain in a long email to a friend.

I guess more reasonable writing will come soon as my brain "reaccumulates" fresh material and needs the pressure valve to be released. For now though, I'll leave you all with the cool Bass line of a Miles Davis jazz beat I'm listening to right now.

Boom ba boom boom, da da booom yeaaaa.....